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What is true beauty?

The photographic project Borders developed from this question to reflect on the aesthetic meaning of the most widespread images today, regarding the outer appearance of shapes, with a particular focus on the appearance of women.

Portraits of women, with different facial characteristics, origins and cultures, appear deconstructed and reconstructed through the idea of the collage.

For every shot, each model is photographed alongside clippings torn from some of the most important global fashion magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue – the magazines that suggest models of feminine beauty.

This brings into focus the boundary between the ‘ideal’ of the models in the torn magazine clippings superimposed on the photographs, and the ‘real’, represented by the photographed women themselves.

The result will be a single image, a single face, that emerges from the encounter and the overlap between how one is and appears in reality and what one aspires to be and would like to resemble.

Borderline beauty is a way of reflecting on the beauty canons of human beings, I suggest a disruption of a standard portrait in order to reach another idea of beauty, increasingly unconventional and characterized by the acceptance of other features, of contamination that deconstructs stereotypes and helps us see places and people in a new way, going beyond, and visually transcending,


Prints are available in different limited edition sizes.


Borders | Confini

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