Lockdown 2020

Stillhouse is a project that the artist started during the first coronavirus lockdown in March 2020, retrieving and re-elaborating iconic figures or portraits of pop culture.

Not having the opportunity to see and then photograph other people, having for obvious reasons my work completely blocked, I had to find something that would make me spend my days. 

So I asked myself what I could photograph or how I could take portraits.

The only shops open during the block were supermarkets, grocery or newspaper shops, hence the idea of combining food, fruits, vegetables and other objects there were around me in my house to make portraits in a contemporary Arcimboldo way. 

Obviously, the artworks were shoot at home with the only technical equipment that I had available.

Prints are available in different limited edition sizes.


Borders | Confini

Iconic B



Somewhere Over The Beach

Sicilia Vera

The Saints

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