Somewhere Over The Beach


In this project, Alberto Alicata represents in a direct way the spirit and dynamics of summer in Sicily. In the course of a summer, he traveled almost all the 1,152 km of the island’s coast, to talk about a different and more real “Siculo” way of life on the beach. Many past photographers and artists have told similar stories, showing crowded beaches stormed by tourists who were here on holiday.

This story, however, brings us closer to the idea of ​​summer and the sea that lives throughout the year and is the reality of the island itself. The overexposed photos are shot purposely with the limits of legibility, because for the author it’s his way of remembering those places during his adolescence, and it’s just as important for him the splendid palette of colors that fully represent the imagination of the Sicilian landscape.

Alicata refines his and our delicate relationship with the sea. The subjects are portrayed from afar, to tell something real, without its presence influencing normal behavior. Specifically, the way people adapt to the beach during their hours of stay. Those micro worlds that are formed on the sand for a few hours are often perfectly limited spaces. Situations, almost surreal and isolated, occur a few kilometers, or sometimes meters, from the famous beaches beaten by seasonal tourism. Patience is a key factor to discover the vast range of landscapes and human behavior of the Sicilian coast. For the author, this project was a way to bring out moments, sounds, sensations, and all kinds of memories of his childhood, because he once was one of those subjects too.

"Even in the most desolate areas beats a sun that fills all of itself and trans-human things: what would be indifferent elsewhere, here it is divine because hit by light, clarifying every minimal structure. ". Sebastiano Aglianò

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Somewhere Over The Beach

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